“Hanging by a Thread”

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“Hanging by a Thread”

Painting Information

Materials Used
Mixed media including oils on board float mounted with a black surround within a tulip wood frame.
Dimensions (H x W x D):
79 x 79 x 3.5 cm
Year Created:
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About the artwork

The title Hanging by a Thread suggests the meaning of the painting. A title can be 50% of the work. Perhaps following the American election this is a most suitable title! However when it was created – and it took many months until it finally resolved – I had a profound sense of the fragility and beauty and preciousness of life. I think that it would be a good aquisition for people who perhaps have “been through the mill of life” and want something to remind them that they have got through it. Please note the photo simply shows the painting and does not show the narrow tulip wood floating frame and the narrow black inner background. The measurements include the frame

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