“Lovin’ in the light of your wicked sun” – (right panel)

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“Lovin’ in the light of your wicked sun” – (right panel)

Painting Information

Materials Used
Acrylics, copper leaf and gold leaf on canvas -part raw/part gesso On deep hardwood (Tulipwood) Stretcher Bars Diptych - Combined dimensions W 280x D4.5x H 140 cms
Dimensions (H x W x D):
280 x 140 x 4.5 cm
Body of work
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About the artwork


I paint inner journeys intuitively. They are based upon multi-sensory, often emotional, memories or reflections. I often just start painting without any idea of that journey. The link can become apparent during the process. Frequently, meaning emerges when the painting’s final visual impact suggests its meaning and title.

“Lovin’ in the Light of your wicked sun” is a line from a poem created by a young man whose turbulent creative life was radically, changed as intermittent periods of depression worsened into suicidal despair.

The painting suggests a sunlit pathway that has come to a crucial turning point from which it narrows, widens and ends in the dark.

Whilst this relates to a personal experience, it also mirrors the human condition and our love of the beauty, and our concerns with the horrors of our world. The Light and the Darkness. Today we seem to be largely ineffectual in dealing with the tide of mental illness that besets many of the inhabitants of our increasingly technological and challenging world.

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Detail Shots

These macro shots show the incredible detail in the paintings, such as the textures and materials