“Silent Woods to the Right”

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“Silent Woods to the Right”

Painting Information

Materials Used
Mixed media acrylics on stretched canvas, framed.
Dimensions (H x W x D):
43.5 x 53.5 x 3 cm
Body of work
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About the artwork

Silent Woods” by Dvorak performed at the Whittington Festival this year, inspired a body of work on woodlands and trees. I was attracted both by the beautiful music, and also by the fact that woods are never completely silent. On some days woods may be filled with stillness, but even then one may hear a rustle or a bird. Silent Woods to the Right is part of a triptych currently (Aug 2019) on display at The Willow Gallery Oswestry.

The global climate crisis, including the recent terrible destruction of The Amazon Rain Forest, has created space in which to think more about the preciousness of woodlands and trees, and the title and Dvorak’s haunting music became, for me, a eulogy. I have started growing tree saplings in pots. My work has moved more strongly towards the representational, albeit very abstracted.



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