“Sun Journey”

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“Sun Journey”

Painting Information

Materials Used
Mixed media on canvas covered board in distressed vintage frame- unframed the dimensions of the painting not including the frame are:- 19.5x25.5 cms
Dimensions (H x W x D):
23 x 29 x 2 cm
Body of work
This painting is part of a set. Visit the other work in this set.
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About the artwork

“Sun Journey” is one of a body of work created using frames with a history.


New life breathed into a set of Vintage Versailles Frames!


These ornate beautifully wrought frames once graced the huge glittering Versailles Palace halls, alcoves and walls.


Known as the “Sun King,” Louis XIV (1638-1715), a ruler who chose the Sun as his emblem radically transformed Versailles making it the seat of France’s government by the time of his death. Louis was obsessed with water: –


“From the outset Louis attached a supreme importance to these water effects. Their virtuosity formed the star turn of a tour of the gardens… The effects were the work of engineers whose machines made Versailles… an artistic wonder.” (Spawforth, T.) Versailles: A Biography of a Palace” (St. Martin’s Press, 2008).


I recently visited Versailles, staying in one of the converted coach houses with a beautiful courtyard garden. I walked in the formal Palace gardens and saw the renovated wrought ironwork. It was such a different world!


Bearing their own story in the wear marks of many years, I am re-cycling some of these vintage Versailles frames to encase a colourful group of mixed media paintings. They are inspired by journeys on the sea, and the sharp air of the mountains. I have included the Sun in each one, to honour Louis the Sun King, as well as blue birds that symbolise both happiness and the Sun. I hope that the Sun and Happiness will grace the lives of their new owners.


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